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Each Innovators Awards Entry Should Address:
Why the Project/Application/Product being nominated stands out as an innovative application of a military electronics or aerospace electronics product or system

Judges Will Review Your Entry Based on the Following Criteria:

  • Innovative approach to project or system design and implementation
  • Value to the user, which can be measured by such qualities as return-on-investment, loss prevention, or business- efficiency gains
  • Positive impact on the customer
  • Sustainability, characterized by overall eco-friendliness, long-term value, lifecycle cost-effectiveness, or other measures you can describe
  • Meeting a defined need as a well-conceived, well-executed initiative that fully met specific user requirements
  • Collaboration, including communication and cooperation throughout the value chain through which the product or system was procured and deployed
  • Impact, which can be identified by describing the difference made on the professionals involved, on the productivity of users, and/or on society as a whole.

Make Sure to Include the Following:

  • A specification sheet outlining the user needs that are met
  • Project begin and end dates (if applicable)

Optional Items to Consider:

  • Testimonials by end-user customers
  • Video footage of the product/system in use at the application site (“Smartphone-quality” video is acceptable.)
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